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Kellfri ATV Tipping Trailer

Kellfri ATV Tipping Trailer

ATV trailer with electrical hydraulic tipper and powerful three-stage tipper ram

• Electrical hydraulic tipper 12 V 
• Sturdy floor in 2 mm tread plate 
• Powerful three-stage tipper ram 
• All-round tyres 22 x 11 - 10 
• Small storage box for control box included

Our tipping trailer is manufactured from durable, hard-wearing tread plate, galvanised for a long service life.

The ideal trailer for loading gravel, earth, chippings, grass, leaves or other material. This is a transport trailer made for efficient transportation of material, regardless of whether you have a large garden tractor, ATV or small tractor.

The carefully thought-out design and generously-dimensioned floor allow you to transport large volumes both with and without extension sides. With a trailer for all environments, you will be able to get around on smooth tracks and asphalt or off-road and in the forest.

The chassis frame is constructed with 40 x 80 mm profiles with a thickness of 2.75 mm, making the trailer stable under heavy loads. The trailer's profile tubes are reinforced in the rear corners, to enable them to cope with tipping heavy loads.

The tipping floor is made of 2 mm galvanised tread plate, constructed on 10 well-designed steel profiles, 5 on each side with an overlying profile to reinforce the floor plating.

The ATV trailer has 2 attachments for the tipping floor, positioned wide apart for stable tipping of heavy loads. The attachment eyelets are made of solid steel.

The trailer's electrics and hydraulics are well positioned and protected under the floor. A long three-stage tipper ram gives you a greater tipping angle when unloading moist or compactly rolled material.

Large tipping angle

The large tipping angle also makes the floor easy to clean. When cleaning the floor, and with the floor fully tipped for servicing etc., the floor locking must always be used. The floor locking handle is positioned in the chassis.

The ATV trailer is supplied with electricity from the 12 V outlet from your ATV, and  tipping is controlled from a control box with a cable that reaches all the way to your four-wheeler. The control box is easy to store in a box positioned next to the tow bar when it is not in use. The small storage box in tread plate is included.

The tipping trailer is the ATV's answer to a dump trailer. With a maximum load of 1420 kg, you can transport heavy and bulky loads with no problem, and with the openable headboard and tailgate you can easily unload the loaded material.

Openable headboard and tailgate

The headboard can be opened downwards or removed with two clamps and hinges. A removable headboard/flap is useful when you want to use the trailer to carry longer loads such as logs or beams.

The tailgate is designed to be easily opened or lowered so that it acts as a ramp. The flap has two downward hinges to enable material to be pulled up on it.  The tailgate can also be locked at the top edge for use as a spreading hinge. A spreading hinge is useful when you want to tip gravel out over a longer distance in an even flow, for example for spreading gravel on tracks or driveways. The tailgate includes variable brackets at the top edge for spreading gravel. The angle of the flap opening is adjusted with the aid of the associated links. The trailer is ideally designed for spreading gravel and sand on your tracks.

The 22x11-10 tyres, together with the trailer's chassis, give good ground clearance, and the tyre dimensions mean that the trailer rolls easily. The tyre pattern works well on grass, gravel and asphalted roads.

Stabilisers without wheels with crank and 50 mm rotatable tow bar ball hitch included. 

Stabilisers with wheels make the trailer easy to move, and are available as an accessory. Read more about stabilisers with wheels here.

In some of the illustrations, the tipping trailer is equipped with extension sides and a practical battery box in galvanised tread plate which is fitted into the trailer. These are available as accessories.

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