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Kellfri ATV Flail Mower 1.5m 18hp

Kellfri ATV Flail Mower 1.5m 18hp

Efficient flail mower for ATV with electrical start-up, double tow bar and rear flap

• Working width 150 cm
• Double attachment - you can decide for yourself whether you want to have the tow bar on the left or right side of the mower
• The wheels are mounted behind or at the side of the machine, either behind for maximum access close to obstacles or at the side for stability and enable it to follow ground contours

• 18 hp engine with oil level monitor. 
 Electrical start-up with battery 
• Adjust the angle of operation with the turnbuckle under the tow bar
 Crank with two handles and mechanical stop 

Powerful flail mower for ATV with electrical start-up

The VKMATV150H2 flail mower is for you if you have larger areas to mow. It is equipped with an 18 hp engine which is more efficient both in normal operation and particularly on tougher ground. With a cutting width of 150 cm, you will be able to mow larger areas efficiently.

The flail mower is fitted as standard with hammer flails. There are 32 flails in total, ensuring that the grass is broken up. The flail mower is also adapted for Y-flails, which can be purchased additionally (not included).

The engine is equipped with electrical start-up and pull cord. This means that you avoid having to use a recoil starter, and the arm strain this causes, to start the machine. The electrical start-up streamlines the start and stop, and makes the work smoother.

Openable flap – for efficient cutting at a higher speed

The flail mower is fitted with a flap at the back, which releases the grass to avoid excessive accumulation under the hood. You save on fuel and reduce wear on the belts, and you can also operate at a higher speed than an ATV flail mower without a flap. The grass is also spread more evenly. The flap opens easily with the two laser-cut handles.

The cutting height can be adjusted between 0-150 mm, enabling you to cut the grass close to the ground and thus achieve a more level result. The grass is evened out and the remnants moulder away faster.

The flail mower with 18 hp engine is constructed to cope with tougher vegetation such as tussocks, roots, saplings and mounds. Used primarily for topping pastures, parks and road verges.

Skids and double attachment for efficient operation

The flail mower has skids at the sides for stable, smooth operation. The angle of penetration is adjusted with a turnbuckle under the tow bar. Mudguard at the front to reduce the risk of stone chipping. 18 hp engine with oil level monitor.

Double attachment - you can decide for yourself whether you want to have the tow bar on the left or right side of the mower. Fit wheel brackets for side assembly and behind the machine for stability and compliance at the sides or for maximum accessibility at the back. The wheels are individually height-adjustable with a mechanical spring clevis pin on the crank to prevent the crank moving backwards as a result of vibration. Sturdy rubber balloon wheels (16-6.50x8) 

With grease nipples on the support and rotor roller bearings, a sealed cover over the belts and a protected construction, you get a machine with a long service life. In spite of its protected design, it is easily accessible for cleaning, servicing and repairs.

The front of the flail mower is fitted with chain guards that adapt to the substrate and protect both the tractor and the surroundings from stone chipping and grass spray.

The flail mower has a wide rear support roller and a tow bar with three fixed lateral adjustments.

Tips for use

For best results, and a longer service life for belts, we recommend mowing at a speed of 5-6 km/h if the grass is of normal height. For higher grass, raise the mower to its maximum and mow twice.

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