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Kellfri Feeder with roof

Kellfri Feeder with roof

Feeder with tombstone railings for horses

• 12 feed openings
• Covered tombstone railings
• Adjustable roof height
• 3 base supports provide good stability
• Bale refill opening, 181 cm

This feeder with 12 openings is designed and adapted for horses. In designing this feeder, we have taken the greatest care with regard to safety and functionality.

To prevent horses from injuring themselves on the roof edges, these have been equipped with a protection arch made from tubular pipes. The tombstone railings are covered and the gaps are adapted to minimise the risk of horses becoming stuck. From the ground to the bottom of the tombstone railing is 65 cm and 132 cm to the top of the tombstone railing. The CC dimension between tombstone railings is 59 cm.

It is 45 mm between the underside of the grille gate and the base, and 60 mm between the grille gate and the corner posts.

The feeder has pallet fork insertion points so that you can easily lift and move it.

Feed can be replenished easily by opening any of the four gates, which open out to the side, the opening width is 181 cm and large bales/round bales fit in the feeder.

The height of the roof is adjustable by 30 cm for maximum protection against precipitation and for adjustment to suit the size of the horses.

Three base supports ensure that the feeder is stable and does not sink into the ground in wet conditions.

NOTE! Any plastic film/netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.

Supplied unassembled, takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours for two people to assemble.


Why is it a good idea to use a feeder?

• You reduce wastage as the animals do not trample around in rejected roughage.
• You improve the hygiene of the feeding area by minimising the risk of contamination.
• It takes less time to tidy the feeding area and you need to throw less roughage onto the manure heap.

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