Kuberg Free Rider Electric Motocross / Trail Bike

Kuberg Free Rider Electric Motocross / Trail Bike


The Kuberg Freerider provides an unparalleled power to weight ratio, ultra-responsive acceleration, and is nimble enough to navigate the toughest terrain. In a worldwide class of its own. No noise, no fuel, no oil. Simply, the freedom to ride.

Kuberg Freerider Spec:

  • Ages 12+
  • Top speed: 55KMH
  • Weight: 36KG
  • 1H riding
  • 5H charging
  • New controller- improved climbing ability
  • Quick change battery available as an option
  • WiFi dongle ready
  • About Kuberg

    "KUBERG is a cutting-edge dirt bike manufacturer from the Czech Republic. As one of the very first electric motorcycle manufacturers, we set out to make electric dirt bikes as good as they can be. We build bikes to rock the foundations of the motorcycle world. Bikes that we pour all of our years of experience into, and engineer to raise the bar of motorcycle capability.

    Our bikes are crafted with the hands of enthusiasts to excite our customers and fire their imaginations. Bikes that are built to be the best that they can be, because we love what we do. We push the boundaries and we hand build fantastically fun motorcycles, to take you anywhere, on any terrain.